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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What is FrameWork

It basically depends upon the type of Framework being used - datadriven, modular, keyword based or hybrid Framework.

Test automation Framework is a set of assumptions, concepts and practices that provide support for automated software testing.

Test script modularity Framework:

The test script modularity Framework requires the creation of small, independent scripts that represent modules, sections, and functions of the application-under-test. These small scripts are then used in a hierarchical fashion to construct larger tests, realizing a particular test case.
It is called as modular since we are breaking the scripts into modules - a few of which are compile modules or reusable. This is the simplest of all Frameworks.

Data Driven Frameworks:

Test scripts are executed and verified based on the data values stored in one or more central data sources or databases. These databases can range from datapools, odbc sources, csv files, excel files, dao objects, ado objects, etc.
The establishment of several interacting test scripts together with their related data results in a Framework used for the methodology. In this Framework, variables are used for both input values and output verification values: navigation through the program, reading of the data sources, and logging of test status and information are all coded in the test script.
Thus, the logic executed in the script is also dependant on the data values.

Keyword-driven Framework:

Keyword-driven Framework separates much of the programming work from the actual test steps so that the test steps can be developed earlier and can often be maintained with only minor updates, even when the application or testing needs change significantly.
It consists of driver, control scripts etc

It is set of rules defined for developping and organising the test scripts.There are diffrent types of Framework are available namely modularized type of framework, library based, data driven, keyword driven and hybrid framework.

You can use any of these Framework for automation. It depends on the project and its criticality.

Hybrid Framework:

Hybrid Framework represents combination of other different framework in order to maintain code/scripts. You can choose some external files for updation of fields in the projects/application(say excel sheets or text files) and you need to import the file to the script, so whenever u want to update the script by different set of value you just need to update the external files which will effect on the automation script

How to run QTP Scripts from QC

Open QC,
Create a new Subject in Test Plan

Then place all your QTP scripts in folder
Open QTP and file - > Quality Center Connection
Enter url
Enter QC UserID and Password
Project : Domain & Project
Open the script you wish to run, click on File - > Save As Quality Center button in the right botton corner
Seelct the relevant subject folder created before in QC
Click on OK

Login to QC, in Test lab, select the testscripts uploaded and click on Run