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Thursday, August 19, 2010

HP QTP 10.0 and QC 10.0 Certification Details

Basically HP has come up with two types of Certifications, HP AIS(Foundation) & HP ASE(Advanced)
1. HP AIS Stands for Hewlett Packard Accredited Integration Specialist
* Below Exams need to be cleared for accomplishing HP AIS
--> HP0 M16 (QTP 9.2) -These got Expired
--> HP0 M15 (QC 9.0) -These got Expired

--> HP0-M39 (QTP 10.0)
--> HP0-M31(QC 10.0)

HP0-M31 (old HP0-M15) and HP0-M39 (old HP0-M16)

2. HP ASE Stands for Hewlett Packard Accredited Systems Engineer
* HP AIS clearance is mandatory for appearing HP ASE

Before appearing HP AIS Certification exams, follow the below steps

Points to be known for appearing HP AIS Certification(QTP & QC).

Step 1: Navigate to the HP Partner Portal using the below link

Step 2: Click on Register link & complete the registration process.

Step 3: You will receive an email regarding your User Id & a Link Create New Password from & create a new pwd.

Step 4: Login into HP Partner Portal by your User Id & password , click on Train & Certify --> Request Access, it will take around 3 business days for creation of HP Learner Id.

Step 5: HP Partner Portal -->Train & Certify --> Access the Learning Center ->My Profile --> Edit Profile Snapshot change the required ISD time frames --> Save

Step 6: Login to HP Partner Portal --> Train & Certify --> Access the Learning Center --> Note down your HP Learner Id --> Contact Prometric Testing Center in any NIIT institute in your city for appearing the HP AIS exam.

After clearing the HP AIS Certification exams, below steps are required for achieving the HP AIS Certification - Soft Copy

Step 7: Once you have cleared HP0 M15 & HP0 M16 Exams, navigate to below path for knowing your Exam Successful Completion Status.
Login to HP Partner Portal -->Train & Certify --> Access the Learning Center -->My Learning --> My Transcripts

Step 8: Login to HP Partner Portal -->Train & Certify --> Access the Learning Center -->My Learning -->My Certification
Click on Add Certification & search for required certification (AIS HP Quality Center V9) & select the checkbox & then your certification will be added to the Certifications table & status field will be given as Assigned.

Step 9: Login to HP Partner Portal -->Train & Certify --> Access the Learning Center -->My Learning -->My Certification--> In Certification table,
check the Status field, if it is updated as Acquired in 1 week your certification will be uploaded into your HP Learner id Account.

Step 10: After 1 week , Login into HP Partner Portal --> Certification Program click on My E-Certificates, In E-Certificates HP Certified Professional Program page AIS HP Quality Center V9 Professional Letter A4 can be seen.

Step 11: click Letter or A4 & Save the soft copy/attachment into your system

How to view Results if error occurs while trying to open Results

Two files which got affected in displaying Results:
1) Results.xml and 2) GeneralInfo.ini.

Results.xml – contains all the test result data in the structured format. Due to abnormal closing of QTP, some tags in this xml file does not close properly, due to which test result viewer is not able to read it properly.

GeneralInfo.ini – once QTP execution is successfully done, it creates this ini file which initiates the result viewer and contains the required information to populate the result.

So whenever you get such an error, go to your result path (report folder). You will notice that there is no general info file has been created. In case it is there trying opening in notepad. You will find that no data is there. That means you will have to create this file in order to view the result.

Create a txt file in your report folder name it as ‘GeneralInfo.ini’ and Open it in notepad.

Write the text mentioned below –

[General] ‘ini file tag. Keep this intact
Product= ‘name of the product which will be QuickTest Professional
Version = ‘Version of your QTP
Total = ‘the number of total lines in the xml file for result (explained below)
Title= ‘Script Title
OSVersion = ‘version of operating system
TestLocation= ‘Test Path

Parameter ‘Total’ can be retrieved from the incomplete results.xml file.

Open the file in any file editor. Go to the end of the file. Search the first tag which contains from bottom.You will see a value assigned there to rID as in the below piece of xml.