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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to become a QC Project Administrator - Roles and Responsibilities

1.Log in to the QC - Site Administration Tool
2.Highlight the Project where the User is to become the Project Administrator
3.Check the Project Administrator Check box "ON" for the User
4.Save and Log Out
5.Log in to the QC Project
6.In the Customization Page, assign the user to the "TD_ADMIN_QTP_Project" Group
Remove the User from the "TD Admin" Group
Note: If the User is no longer a TD Admin of any Project,that user will no longer be able to log in to the Site Administration Tool.

Site Administrator: The Site Administrator allows the user to:
1.Become a QC Administrator of any QC Project
2.Create,Delete,Modify,Disconnect,Remove,Restore,Activate,Deactivate,Copy,Upgrade,....of any QC Project
3.Add Users to QC
NOTE:Once the User is added to QC, the user should be added to a Project in the Project Custmization Tool
4.Disconnect Users from Login Session
5.Update the QC License
6.Configure QC
7.View License usage

Site Administrator Access:

1.From the QC Home Page,Click the Site Administrator Link so that the "Quality Center - Administration" Log in Page Displays
2.Log in Using the Same User Name and Password used to log in to a QC Project
3."Site Projects" Tab is where a QC User can be set as a Site Administrator which allows them to access the "Quality Center - Site Administration" Tool
4.A Tree View of the Domains and Projects within those Domains Display
5."QualityCenter_DEMO" is a built in demo Project that comes with QC
6.Never DELETE "QualityCenter_DEMO"
7.This Project is where users can be set as a "Project Administrator"
Selecting the Project Administrator Check Box for a User in ANY* Project automatically makes a QC User a
a) QC "Site" Administrator
b) A "TD Admin" for Only that Project
8.There are other two Projects in a QC where a User might be set to become a Site Administrator(In Case the QualityCenter_DEMO project is accidentally deleted)
b) QC_EXAMPLE_Structure
9.Setting User as a Project Administrator in the QC-Site Administration automatically assigns the User to the TD_Admin User group for that Project
TD_Admin is a pre-defined QC User Group
User Defined Groups must be used instead of "TD Admin"
This is because QC was Customized to use only User-Defined Groups.
TD_ADMIN_QTP_Project is a user defined Group most equilaent to the TD_Admin Group

10. UnAssigning a User from the "TD Admin" Group will remove the user from being a Site Administrator.But if the User is still assigned to at least on a project as a Project Administrator (TD_Admin),the user can still access the Site Administration Tool

11. It is a good idea to have more than one user as a "Site Administrator" in order to have a backup person

12. It is not a good idea to have a user as a "Project Administrator" of a Project if that User's Position is not to be one,due to many reasons (i.e useless email notifications,accidental deletion of data...)