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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Folder Structure in QTP Package

The high level explanation could be as follows:


a. Action folders : , , ....
b. Files inside the :
1. .cfg file -
This holds the run time information like addins loaded, user information, etc.

2. .prm file -
Hlds the information about the number of iterations and the parameters that are used within the script / action.

3. .usr file -
This will be generated to hold the name of the script, the objectRepository info, etc.

4. .lck file -
This is a lock file.

5. .mtr file -
(No idea)

6. .xls sheet -
The default sheet that holds the parameters used within the script.

7. .prm.bak file -
backup file.

8. .usp file -
Stores some RUnLogic information for the script.

9. thin_usr.dat file -
similar to the thick usr file. The diff is not clear exactly.

10. thick_usr.dat file -
Stores high level info about all the above and below files indicating what set of files was created, etc.

11. .tsp file -

3. folder:
This is a default folder that is created to hold the following:

a. folder:
This will hold all the active screen files which are zipped, pertaining to that action.

b. file -
This file holds info regarding the object rep used, the shared libraries used, and possibly maitains a track of how the script is being accessed through the code. Ie. the call chain.

c. Script.mts -
This is the script file actually.

d. .tsr -
The object rep file if used in per action mode.

e. The result file.

f. The action excel sheets.

The subsequent action folders hold similar set of files.