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Sunday, February 5, 2012

QTP 10 crack or license key

QTP 10 cracker or license key

To crack HP-QTP 10 including all add-ins:

1. Get HP-QTP 10.00 Trail version and install it, making sure you select the addins you want during the install.

2. First make a copy of QTPro.exe, so that you can start over if you mess up. Then get a HexEditor (e.g. UltraEdit) and open QTPro.exe. Go to Offset/location 0013C8A0, where you'll see the hex-value "0F85C0000000". Change it to "909090909090". If you want, you can get the patched QTPro.exe directly from

3. Now start QTPro.exe. If some addins appear as "Not Licensed", click the cancel button at the bottom to shutdown QTPro.exe and then start it anew. It will be licensed on the second start and you'll be able to select them. Bear in mind that this alternating behaviour will happen EVERY time you start QTPro.exe, i.e. first time the addins will appear as "Not Licensed", second time they will be "Licensed" and you will be able to select them.

Note: In case you have previously applied the patch "_uploaded_by_benoy_crack_qtp.rar" with l-mqt82.exe (originally for 8.2 but also working for 9.2 and 9.5), make sure that you DELETE file C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\License Manager\lservrc and try again. This file is NOT required in case you patch QTPro.exe as described above.